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XXL matches for maximum safety

What could be more chic than pairing your matches with your scented candle? At Amanda de Montal, refinement also applies to accessories. To light your large or small scented candles in complete safety, choose between our two styles of matches. Available in black and pink, the matches pair perfectly with the colors of our scented candles’ glass jars. Each box contains 32 long matches. They suit all glass candle sizes and enable you to easily light the wick(s) of an already-burned candle.

Matches for your luxury candle

As well as the safety element for your home and family, having a box of matches that goes with your natural candle also means possessing a luxurious and refined object. Our matchboxes are as practical as they are pretty to look at and go with all kinds of interior decor. Elegant in black or pink, these matchboxes are ideal for placing next to your scented candle as a decorative object. For Amanda de Montal, providing an entire experience around the art of the candle is a priority for truly appreciating the benefits and reasons behind having a scented candle. A small anecdote: 32 matches because Gascony is France’s 32nd region.

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