Your candle is empty ? No worries your refill is ready to create new olfactory sensations. Discover this fragrance which takes you to a wild fruit garden in Gascony with its red fruit, warm grass and sweet scent. > As a little girl one of Amanda's favorite places was the wild vegetable garden where she would spend hours picking blackcurrants and raspberries. When years later, she tasted a 10 year old vintage Armagnac, the powerful scent of red berries took her back in time to these hours sitting in the long green grass on a sunny Gascon day and inspired this exceptional scent. Armagnac Sauvage is both sweet, deep and smoky, an expert contrast for any room in the house.

Weight 1.1kgs / 38.8oz

Number of wicks : 4

Burn time 180_220H

Size 14cmX14cm

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