The candle know-how

The wax

Each candle is a subtle blend of various waxes of natural origin and enriched with sunflower wax grown and harvested in the fields around the family Château in Gascony.

The blend of waxes has been delicately chosen to reproduce the scents with greatest fidelity while respecting the precision work of the Master of waxes.

The raw materials are selected for their superior quality and ecological attributes ; no harmful dyes, paraffins or toxic chemicals; a tribute to this rural region where farming is an essential part of the economy.

The scent

The fragrances are elaborated with renowned perfurmer Jean-Michel Duriez whose passion for perfumes can only be equaled by Amanda’s passion for Gascony

Their encounter was made to be. For 2 years they relentlessly worked on the 8 scents, their balance ( with 8-12% fragrance concentration depending on the candle) capturing the spirit and the ingredients of Gascony and giving life to them in each candle.

The wick

Choosing the right wick and the number of wicks is essential to ensure that each candle burns consistently.

The brands offers two types of wicks: the cotton braid that is fastened with a metal plate at the base of the glass. The wood wick which crackles when lit to give the impression of a burning log in a chimney place.

In the 7.8oz candles, there will be only one wick, whereas in the 38,8oz candles, you will have 4 wicks to burn , in order to guarantee the best experience possible.

The glass

The exquisite fire blown glass with its breathtaking bubbles allows the light to flicker like a cristal and gives life to the candle

Available in 3 different colors, each glass pot enhances de experience of the perfume.

In order to respect mother nature, the brand has ensured that all the 1kg candles are rechargeable.

Once your 1st candle is fully burnt you need only order the recharge and place in the pot.

The refill

1. Once your candle is finished, take a knife with a rounded end and unglue the metal disks from the bottom of the glass.

2. Order the refill of your choice on the site.

3. Once you receive it, place it simply in the glass. Your refill will be slightly smaller to be able to adapt to the glass.

4. Light the candle. The narrow gaps will soon disappear with the liquid wax.