Discover this fragrance which takes you to a wild fruit garden in Gascony with its red fruit, warm grass and sweet scent.

As a little girl one of Amanda's favorite places was the wild vegetable garden where she would  spend hours picking blackcurrants and raspberries. When years later, she tasted a 10 year old vintage Armagnac,  the powerful scent of red berries took her back in time to these  hours sitting in the long green grass on a sunny Gascon day and inspired this exceptional scent.

Armagnac Sauvage  is both sweet, deep and smoky, an expert contrast for any room in the house. This scented candle with its beautiful cubic shape, glass bubbles, black wax and wick which reflects in the purple mirror interior is a true tribute to design.

Weight  7.76 oz

Burn time : 55 H

Dimensions : H:8cm L:8cm

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