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Long black matchesLong black matches
Long black matches Sale price €13,00
Snuffer and trimmer
Snuffer and trimmer Sale price €50,00

Like every luxury object, a scented candle requires quality accessories in order to take care of it correctly. Just as you wouldn’t drink an Armagnac in the wrong type of glass. Choosing the right accessories helps your candle last as long as possible by using it in the best possible conditions. The snuffer and wick trimmer are essential tools for transforming your scented candle into a decorative object.

The scented candle snuffer

The snuffer is undeniably the best way to extinguish a luxury scented candle, especially with our large candles with four wicks. It is placed delicately over the wick (or wicks) of the scented candle and extinguishes without needing to blow out the flame. This action prevents the glass of this beautiful decorative object from developing black marks. The snuffer is also a safety advantage for the whole family: using it avoids the scented candle’s smoke from spreading.

The wick trimmer for a luxury candle

The wick trimmer is a very useful accessory to keep your candle(s) wick(s) the right length and in the optimal position, and therefore preserve the glass of your scented candle from staining. We recommend using the wick trimmer after extinguishing your candle. A regularly trimmed wick stays in place better, enables the natural wax to melt more evenly, and keeps the sides of the glass from blackening. Even when your scented candle has finished, you can continue to use it, either with a wax refill if a large candle, or by using the glass of the scented candle as a decorative object. A particularly useful accessory, therefore, and perfect as a gift for luxury candle aficionados.