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The wick

The wick

In a luxury scented candle, the wick is highly important. Vital, even. When you love candles, nothing is more beautiful than watching in fascination as the wick burns, melting the wax as gently and consistently as possible. Choosing the right wick, and the right number of wicks depending on the size of the scented candle (we offer two sizes: small candles and large candles), was therefore essential for Amanda de Montal, both to ensure safe combustion and to make the pleasure of candle-burning last for as long as possible.

All our scented candles are made in France and produced by the Manufacture Française des Bougies (French Candle Manufacturer) located in Aubagne (Provence), whose detailed artisanal work provides an olfactory experience that is as safe as it is enjoyable. The placement and the type of wick used in our candles therefore allows for the consistent diffusion of the candle’s fragrance throughout the home, all while remaining rooted upright in the wax, without becoming damaged.

A high quality candle wick

Our scented candles are produced with two different types of wick: a cotton braid fastened with a metal plate at the base of the glass in order to remain constantly upright and offer a long-lasting experience; and a wooden wick which crackles when lit, giving the exquisite impression of wood burning in a chimney, as delightful in summer as in winter.

An optimum number of wicks

The number of wicks depends on the size of the selected candle. As a gift to yourself or someone else, you can choose a 220-gram small scented candle with one wick. For those who loved scented candles and who are looking for both a beautiful decorative object and also to enjoy the perfumes of Gascony throughout the home, we recommend our large candles. The 1.1-kilo luxury candles have four wicks to guarantee the optimum diffusion of your chosen fragrance in every corner of the room.

How to use your scented candles

To ensure that the candle burns perfectly, we recommend you leave it to burn as long as the entire surface is not liquid, and to extinguish the candle when the air is sufficiently fragranced.