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The scent

A question of fragrance

Through this collection of fragrances, Amanda de Montal seeks to share her childhood memories of Gascony and its scents, by starting with the most impactful, when she was with her father in the Armagnac aging cellars. The ten scents in the natural candle collection, the home fragrances and aroma diffusers all have one objective: to ignite your imagination.

« I want my fragrances to transport you to a region that is pure, whimsical and authentic: my native Gascony.» Amanda de Montal

The scents of our fragrances, whether they be woody, spiced, floral, fruity or sweet, were all designed by the famous Master Perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez (formerly the nose of Jean Patou and Rochas). He created them to capture the spirit and ingredients of Gascony, bringing Amanda’s memories to life. For two years they worked together to produce these exceptional fragrances. One of Amanda’s passions is to create scents which surprise, enthrall and make a lasting impression. Fragrances with flair.

Quality and excellence of our interior fragrances

The scents were produced using the same level of quality and excellence required for traditional perfumes. Captivating, precious and delicate, the raw materials used for the scented candles, home fragrances and aroma diffusers are concentrated between 4-12% depending on the model and type of fragrance.

By purchasing one of the ten fragrances from Amanda de Montal, you will immediately be transported to Gascony, a region soaked in tradition and sun, a symbol of French art-de-vivre where Cyrano de Bergerac rubs shoulders with The Three Musketeers: a unique olfactory experience in your home.