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The wax

Wax: essential and natural

Each of our scented candles contains a precise and subtle combination of 100% natural plant-origin waxes. Created in the finest tradition of French luxury candle-making, the waxes encapsulate the fragrances, gently releasing them as the candle burns.

From our small candles to the large scented candles, all are made using artisanal techniques in Aubagne, Provence, at the Manufacture Française des Bougies (French Candle Manufacturer). In order to fill your interior with one of the ten exquisite-smelling Gascony fragrances, our natural candles are made with high-quality wax, inspected at every stage of the fabrication process and free from any toxic elements.

The wax of our scented candles consists of natural waxes: plant-based and mineral waxes of which sunflower wax, grown and harvested in the fields around the family chateau in Gascony. To this we add chemical-free colorants and, of course, one of the ten fragrances created in Grasse by our Master Perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez.

To produce our luxury candles and portray the authentic scents of Gascony, seven or eight waxes are carefully selected and combined so as to faithfully recreate the different perfume notes, all while respecting the meticulous work of the master candle-maker.

Natural candles

Our scented candles are produced in France using artisanal methods and 100% natural waxes. Our raw materials are selected for their ecological and superior qualities. They pay tribute to the rural region of Gascony, where agriculture plays an essential role in the economy.

To light one of our scented candles is to embark on a unique and luxurious olfactory journey, inviting the fragrances of Gascony into your home through the work of passionate artisans who put their heart into every detail.