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The glass

A beautiful and unique glass that appeals to the senses

As fragranced as it may be, an exceptional candle also defines itself through its container. A true decorative item, Amanda de Montal has sought to create a glass that appeals to the senses through its look and texture.

A unique and 100% artisanal candle glass

The glass of our small scented candles, as well as that of our luxury large scented candles, is an artwork of its own. Blown by master glassmakers and hand-polished in the South of France, our candle glass contains thousands of bubbles which allow the candle’s flame to glitter like a crystal.

Thanks to this 100% artisanal production, each of our glasses is unique, making our candles even more personal and luxurious. More than simply an interior fragrance, our scented candles adorn and give life to the room like any decorative object.

A candle as a decorative object

Available in three colors – black, white and peony – each candle glass adds to the magic of the fragrance. True pieces of art, these decorations for the home are also eco-aware.

The large scented candles weighing 1.2 kilos are refillable: once your first candle has burned entirely, simply order a refill and place it in the glass. Small scented candles can be transformed into decorative objects for the home once the candle is finished.