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Brand history


7 am.

Amanda is 4 years old, her father takes her by the hand to visit the armagnac cellars located on the family property in Gascony.

While they bend over the oak barrels, her father encourages her to smell the different perfumes and explains with passion how, over the years, the different aromas are born.

A walk she repeated dozens of times, evocative of magical memories: the impressive decor, the smell of wood, the nobility of raw materials, the strength of a product combining lifestyle and temperament.

The little girl has since become a woman but she has retained her freshness, her joy of life, unshaken enthusiasm and passion for scents.

Today, this mother of three boys has decided to embark on a personal adventure by giving birth to a range of unique candles. A way of sharing her unconditional love for Gascony through an object both powerful and delicate, universal and precious, which reflects all her femininity.

Amanda’s personality is reflected in each candle, which offers a gateway to her world. From the Gascon land, it has authenticity, generosity and a touch of extravagance. Through each fragrance she whispers a memory in your ear so that you can make it yours, creating a bond between you and her.