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The refill

Refillable and eco-friendly candles

Our 1-kilo large scented candles are artisanal, 100% made in France and also eco-friendly. The can be easily and economically refilled once finished; there’s no need to buy a complete new scented candle. Keep the hand-made and polished glass, and simply purchase a wax refill. This sustainable candle is perfect for offering as a gift.

Luxury and DIY

1. Once your scented candle is finished, take a rounded knife and gently lift the metal discs from the bottom of the glass.

2. Order your chosen scented wax refill from the website.

3. Upon reception of your refill, simply slide it into the glass. It will be slightly narrower and lower than the glass of your scented candle to allow it to fit smoothly into its container.

4. Light the wicks of your large scented candle. Each hand-made candle glass is a unique decorative object. There may be small gaps between the glass and the wax refill, but these will be filled in once the scented candle is lit, as the wax becomes more liquid.