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Tips for use

Tips for using your candle

  1. In order to enjoy your candle to the fullest, I recommend that you burn the candle until the entire surface is liquid.
  2. Never let your candle burn more than 2 hours at a time during the first third of the candle and 1 hour at a time during the rest
  3. Always be careful not to burn your candle to the end. To protect your glass, always leave 0.5cm of unmelted wax.
  4. Never leave the candle burning unattended. Keep it away from drafts, children, pets and fabrics.
  5. If the wick is out of alignment, gently re-center it when the wax is melted.
  6. Make sure that the wick is no longer than 0.5cm. Cut it regularly whether it is the cotton wicks or the wooden wicks with a wick cutter.
  7. Keep your candle in a dry and temperate place.
  8. Protect the surface on which your candle is placed.
  9. Once you have finished your candle, take a wet cloth and wipe the glass to remove all traces of soot. If you still have wax on the ribs, put the candle in the fridge and gently peel off the remaining wax. The wax at the bottom may remain. You can order your refill.
  10. Upon receipt, slide your refill into the glass over the remaining bottom wax and turn on. You may need to turn it 90 degrees to fit perfectly.
  11. Remember to air your home before and after each lighting