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Armagnac ARDENTE - Diffuser Refill- 500ML

Sale price  €83,00

With this Armagnac Ardente refill, give your beautiful diffuser vessel a new lapse of life and contribute to the sustainable values of the Maison Amanda de Montal. This exceptional fruity and spicy fragrance embodies the story of the brand. I am 4 years old, my father takes me by the hand to visit the armagnac cellars located on our family property in Gascony. While we bend over the oak barrels, he encourages me to smell the different perfumes and explains with passion how, over the years, the different aromas are born and the importance of time. This exceptional fragrance is a tribute to this French elixir, to its nobility and the magic of her roots. With prunes, abricots, wood and armagnac, the scent is just out of this world, perfect for both men and women.

♥Anywhere and anytime

You can adjust the strength of the fragrance by putting more or less sticks in the diffuser.

Select one refill for the 500ml vessel or 2 refills for the 1L vessel. A set of new reeds will be gifted with the refill.

Time of use : 3 months

Armagnac ARDENTE - Diffuser Refill- 500ML
Armagnac ARDENTE - Diffuser Refill- 500ML Sale price  €83,00